Group Therapy

Womens’ Group: Navigating Toxic Relationships With Our Mothers

An adult only support process-oriented group focused on toxic relationships between mothers and daughters. Having a parent with mental health and/or personality disorders creates a relationship filled with guilt, feelings of obligation for others, lack of awareness or ability to meet one’s own emotional needs, low confidence and insecurity of one’s value and self-worth, and overly focusing on the caretaking and management of others to our own detriment, among a few. Culture models often show close, happy, “best-friend” relationships between mothers and daughters. If your experience is different, you may not feel comfortable sharing with friends. The group focuses on women supporting one another, sharing their own experiences, how to develop healthy boundaries, minimize insecurities and shame, learning how to develop healthier communication, and address feelings of anger/guilt, etc.

Group Information

Meets alternating Tuesdays from 8:30-10AM at our GSO Office

Cost = $40/session regardless of attendance as it holds your spot in the group

Ability to file insurance if group therapy is a covered benefit

Group is ongoing and space limited and dependent on members exiting

For more information, please contact Heather McCain, PsyD

New Mom Group

Supportive processing group for first time moms! Group is focused on the transition into the new identity of yourself as a “mom.” It covers the challenges of those initial weeks, changes in routine and sleep, impact of hormones, feeling isolated during maternity leave and when family/friends leave, developmental changes/needs of your infant from birth-6 months and more. The group is only for those with infants from ages birth-6 months with transition to other supports at the end. Exclusions to group are infants having spent extensive time in the NICU, significant post-partum anxiety/depression, any domestic violence or substance abuse in the home, and those managing chronic health conditions with infants or women because of the birth, or the discussion of the vaccination debate. Those issues are more appropriate for other resources and support.

Group Information

Meets alternating Thursday mornings 8:30-10AM at our GSO office

Bringing your infant is welcome! No need to worry about childcare

Cost is $40/session or can file insurance if group therapy is covered

Intake required prior to admittance to the group

For more information contact Carson Christopher, LCSW at

Coming Soon: Processing Grief Therapy Group


Projected start date: June 2024
Assessments Currently Underway

We have all experienced the pain of grief when losing someone dear to us. However, few know very much about the process of grief. We all experience it and are often confused by the emotions we feel, the duration, how to process it, etc. It's common for many to try and avoid it altogether. Encouraging this avoidance is a societal culture that tells us 3 days bereavement is enough; go back to life as normal. Once the immediate gathering of support leaves, we often feel alone in our grief, feeling uncomfortable talking about it with others, even our spouses, for fear of upsetting them, burdening them, being a bother, etc. We travel down the path of grief alone despite all research indicating that coming together, sharing our experiences and emotions, our challenges, and supporting one another wherever we are in our grief is the healthiest and most successful way to process our loss and pain. In this group, we will gather to process and support one another in grief and provide a safe space to work through this process together. It doesn’t matter if the loss was recent or in the past; if you have not grieved and have not allowed yourself to work through your grief, you may be a good fit for this group.

Group Information

Group will be every other week at the same time (TBD) at our GSO office

Participants must be at least 3 months post their loss to participate

Group is designed for adults only

Assessment necessary prior to admittance

Group facilitators: Heather McCain, PsyD & Erin McCarthy, Intern

For more information, contact Heather McCain, PsyD at