Embracing Growth: Reflecting on 2023

 When do you typically reflect on the previous year? Maybe you don’t?

In the rush of the holidays, we typically move right through the celebrations, straight to the next year’s resolutions and goals. This does not leave much time for valuable reflections on the previous year, before launching right into the next.

Why is reflection so important? That’s a great question. 

The practice of reflection can increase self-awareness, gratitude, learning, and growth while decreasing stress! It can even help improve your decision-making. Are you convinced it’s important yet? 

While these are all important outcomes, the practice of reflection can be uncomfortable. It requires us to take a close look at previous events, some that might have caused a large amount of stress, sadness, or anger. Therefore, before starting this guided reflection, grab a journal, find a private place to sit, and take a few deep breaths. 

What Were Your High Points and Achievements?

Reflect on the positive moments and accomplishments from 2023. This could include personal achievements, professional milestones, or any positive experiences that brought you joy and a sense of accomplishment. These might be things you shared with others or something others know nothing about. 

How Did You Cope with Challenges and Setbacks?

Explore the challenges you faced and how you coped and navigated them. Reflect on your resilience and the strategies you used to overcome the various obstacles you experienced throughout the year. What coping skills worked best? If you realized don’t have many coping skills, take a few minutes to write down a few new coping skills you’d like to try. 

What Did You Learn About Yourself?

Consider the personal insights and self-discoveries you made throughout the year. This could be related to your strengths and your personal values. This learning might have revealed aspects of yourself that you would like to work on. Understanding oneself is a crucial step in personal growth.

How Did You Prioritize Self-Care and Well-being?

Evaluate how well you prioritized your self-care and well-being. Which habits and practices contributed to your mental and emotional health throughout the year. Identify areas where you excelled in self-care and areas for growth in the coming year. Would you prioritize self-care differently next year? 

What did you think of this guided reflection? Feel free to share it with others who might also want some time to reflect. If you are currently seeing a therapist, these are great topics to bring up in your therapy sessions. If you’d like to begin talking to someone, feel free to call our front office at (336) 272-0855. 


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