How has 2023 been so far?

Do you feel like you blinked and 2023 is half-way over?

The months fly by, leaving little space to reflect on the time and events that have happened. But reflection is an important part of growth. Therefore, you might find yourself being intentional about scheduling time to reflect on past months and events. Do you have a routine for reflection? If not, now is a great time to start.

Looking back can help us as we move forward.  

For some, looking back might be painful and difficult, while for others it might be joyful and encouraging. If you feel it to be difficult or even painful, take your time. Schedule enough time to not feel “rushed” and allow ample time to address the difficult emotions that might come up during your reflection. 

Here are a few prompts to ponder as you look back on the first half of 2023. Feel free to do them by yourself or grab a close friend or significant other to reflect with!

List your strengths in the last 6 months.

Thinking from a strengths-based approach is so important. We naturally harp on the negatives and therefore must be more intentional about pointing out our strengths. You have endured many things over the last six months, and your strengths have helped you along the way. It is important to acknowledge them because they give you confidence as you navigate future events. 

How have you grown and what have you learned?

We are always changing and learning, whether we feel it or not. In what way have you grown this past six months? Odds are, there has been a lesson learned, or two. These lessons are often uncomfortable, but not always! Look back at what you have learned and how you have grown through the process.

What have you done to “fill your cup?”

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can’t pour from an empty cup?” Well, believe it or not, it is true. So, what have you been doing to fill your own cup? This might be a game night with friends, a morning walk, or a simple phone call to catch up with someone you care about. If you haven’t filled your cup, what is something you can commit to doing for the rest of the year? You are important and deserve to fill your cup before pouring into others. 

What is one habit you want to do consistently the rest of the year?

As you look towards the end of this year, what habit do you want to create? This is a habit you will show up consistently for, like reading 10 pages each day, drinking a certain amount of water daily, walking a certain number of steps, seeing a friend each week, going to bed at a specific time, sticking to a financial budget, etc. The options are limitless!

What does “success” look like over the next six months?

Defining what “success” means for you is vital. We can’t measure ourselves by someone else’s version of “success” because that, so often, leads to feelings of failure and disappointment. You decide what success is for yourself, and then you work towards that. This can improve self-esteem and keep us going when motivation is low. 

How have you felt during this reflection? Has it been helpful? Difficult? Feel free to revisit this each month, or again in December. 

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