Introducing Some New Faces!

If you’ve been looking for a psychological evaluation, you know how difficult it is to find an appointment without a tremendous waitlist. We have continued to see a growing demand for psychological evaluations. So, we have gladly added two new clinicians to our testing team to provide greater access to these services. We are thrilled to introduce Kelis Tulloch, MS and Madhuvanti Patwardhan, Psy.D., LPA. Continue reading to learn more about each of them.

Kelis Tulloch, MS 

Madhuvanti Patwardhan, Psy.D., LPA

How long have you been working in the mental health field?

Kelis Tulloch: I have been working in the mental health field for about 3.5 years.

Madhuvanti Patwardhan: Including graduate school practicums since 2014. Without anything from graduate school including Internship 3 years

Why did you choose psychological testing?

KT: I chose psychological testing because I love seeing how people think and problem solve. I also enjoy helping people with understanding more about their brain and curating resources and avenues to better assist with their daily functionality. The tests sometimes provides a gateway into their daily lives and how the world looks from their perspective, and knowing that by using various assessment batteries, along with establishing rapport, allows me a better understanding of how I can help with some difficulties they may be experiencing regularly.

MP: I was fascinated by how numbers we see on a page can magically tell us what disorder the person has. For someone who struggled with finding answers, solving the puzzle for them, whether that be a psychological or neurological disorder (psych/neuropsych testing) and helping them see why they feel /behave/ struggle with things was satisfying. The feedback from them, the looks on their faces and their satisfaction with the solved puzzle was PRICELESS to say the least and very gratifying.

What population of clients do you serve? Why that group?

KT: I serve all populations from 18 months to geriatric. I chose such a broad population because I believe the work I do is important enough to help everyone, not just a particular group.

MP: I have historically worked with the 16 -90+ age group and more recently also the 12-16 age group. With the former it has been mostly neurological problems (my JAM). Most of my training has been with that population with neuropsychological testing for disorders which include a Dementia, MCI, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, TBI, ADHD and other neurological diagnosis. I generally gravitate toward serving older adults given they are a vulnerable group with limited access to healthcare and services, in need of immediate services and long wait times. With the more recent group in serving that population I feel that early interventions are most helpful for them to minimize problems, reduce risk and to facilitate the services they need to become successful adults and be able to live fruitful and happy lives.

Where did you move from?

KT: I recently moved from Orlando, FL.

MP: Illinois

What are you most sad to leave behind?

KT: I have always enjoyed traveling, seeing new places, and creating new experiences for myself so I don’t think of this transition as me leaving anything behind per se and I’m certainly not sad about it, haha. If anything, I am very excited about this move and invite all new opportunities and growth.

MP: NOTHING, my family moved with me and that to me sums up my little happy world. Home is where the heart is.

What are you looking forward to the most about working at CPA?

KT: I am mostly looking forward to gaining as much experience as I can within my field and honing my skillset to better my craft amongst innovative, experienced, and passionate professionals.

MP: Continuing to serve our community in the best possible way I can. CPA is a wonderful practice where I have in a short time felt welcomed, supported, and encouraged to serve the community. I look forward to forming strong collegial relationships with everyone at CPA and continuing to grow professionally.

What is something that you enjoy doing for fun?

KT: I enjoy trying new things (i.e., food, places, activities) and traveling.

MP: Hanging out with my family (dogs, ducks and chickens included), fishing, bowling, hiking , travelling and cooking (very therapeutic and enjoyable).

Share a fun fact about yourself!

KT: I studied as an actress and graduated from a conservatory in 2022.

MP: I have been told I cook a MEAN steak even though I don’t eat BEEF ever. LOL!!! And I can give the wing makers/restaurants a run for their money ‘cause I make the most culturally blended spicy chicken wings….. (In short why are you a psychologist when you can have a successful restaurant?)

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