Look, we’re growing again!

We are excited to introduce Lori Vasquez, MA, LPA! She has joined us in the Greensboro office and brings some great experience to the team. Continue reading more to get to know Lori and find out what she is bringing to the CPA team.

What services do you provide here at CPA?

I currently provide psychological testing for both children and adults in the Greensboro office.

Why did you choose this work?

I chose this work because I was retiring from Department of Health and Humans Services after working in various inpatient and long-term care facilities. I wanted to challenge myself to grow and learn new things.

What population of clients do you serve? Why that group?

Currently, I test children and adults.  I would love to work with the geriatric population; however, I am not in network to perform these services for that population.

Where did you move from?

I moved from Goldsboro, N.C. in November 2022, after spending 27 years in a house where I raised my daughter and many pups.

What are you sad to leave behind?

I am sad to leave behind my friends, patients, and beloved colleagues.

What is something that you enjoy doing for fun?

I enjoy reading, playing with my dog Toby, and playing word games and spades for fun.

Share a fun fact about yourself!

I am half Filipino, and my father was the first to come to the United States to practice medicine and establish himself.  Many people think I’m Spanish and approach me to converse in various environments; however, I am only fluent in English.

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