Maybe I should go to therapy?

Are you interested in therapy but not sure when or if you should go?

Reaching out for mental health services can be very daunting. And, you might not know when to take that step.

Fortunately, it is never too early to go to therapy. However, there can be some signs to look for when determining if therapy is the right, next step for you.


Do you feel like you are pulling away from those around you? Maybe you feel like others don’t understand you or understand what you need from them. Isolation can lead to feelings of loneliness, which can make navigating life challenges and transitions even more difficult. Going to therapy can help you feel less alone and give you the language to help communicate your needs with those around you.

Difficulty sleeping:

Are you having trouble going to sleep or staying asleep? Maybe you’re waking up and not feeling well rested, despite getting 7+ hours of sleep. Insomnia or hypersomnia can be signs of mental illness. Sleep is vital to your wellness and difficulty sleeping can be a good indicator that therapy might be helpful.



Emotionally “dumping” on others:

Are you going to the same person to vent, day in and day out? Maybe you feel like you’re becoming a burden to others? Venting to friends and family can be helpful, but venting occasionally to a friend can quickly turn into venting very often, which might not always be helpful for you or your loved ones. Therapy can be a great place to talk through your current struggles while providing you with skills and strategies to help navigate them more effectively.

Difficulty relaxing and being present:

Are your muscles tense or does your mind wander when you’re trying to focus? Do you have a difficult time relaxing to unwind from the day? Difficulty relaxing can impede stress management and prevent you from adequately resting from the day. Mind wandering and difficulty being present can increase stress and create difficulty doing daily activities or tasks at work. Therapy can help you learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques to help manage your stress and improve your ability to be present throughout your day.

Not experiencing any of these, but still interested in therapy? Feel free to find a clinician you like and schedule an appointment. 

Again, it is never too early to go to therapy!

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