Want to have fun without breaking the bank?

We are quickly approaching the period of summer where you’re likely trying to find things to keep the kids (or yourself) busy. Odds are, you have already done most the things on your list, and you’re realizing how much time you still have left of summer break.

Not only have you likely done most the “activities” on your list, but you also know just how expensive finding more activities might be. Here are a few local resources that you can utilize to find activities without breaking the bank.

Local Garden Tours!

There are multiple different gardens open throughout Greensboro that are free to the public. These could be great places to utilize to get out of the house and get a little sunshine. Maybe you need to burn off some of your little ones’ energy? Look no further. Click below to learn more about each garden and their hours of operation.

Greensboro Arboretum

Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden 

Gateway Gardens

Bog Garden at Benjamin Park 

Sports Fans?

Do you have any sports fans in your family? Well, head over to the ACC Hall of Champions if you’re looking to fill a few hours and learn all about the ACC.  It is located in the Greensboro Coliseum Complex’s Special Events Center. You’ll find life-size mascots for ACC schools along with memorabilia to celebrate coaches, players and fans!

ACC Hall of Champions

Greensboro Library Events

The public Greensboro Library hosts all kinds of free events throughout the summer. These range from story time (indoor and outdoor), game nights and trivia, to workshops. Grab a friend, family, or both and head on over! Click the link below for their calendar of events.

Calendar of Events

Art Museum

Greensboro has a few places to go to view some amazing artwork. Both the Weatherspoon Art Museum and the Ambleside Gallery host paintings and sculptures. Also, the Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art showcases art created by North Carolina Artists only. If you or your loved ones love art, check these places out.

Green Hill Center 

Weatherspoon Art Museum (sadly under construction until August 14th)

Ambleside Gallery

While there are so many more things to do in Greensboro, we hope this gives you a good start! Many of these activities are free and remain open all year. If you don’t get to them this summer, no worries!

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